Barcelona Must See Places


Barcelona is a city rich with history and architectural zeal. It is famous the world over and has become a destination for travelers looking for a truly different and exotic holiday.

The city itself has long been home to some of the world’s most elite people, but anyone can come and play in this beautiful city. When visitors are planning a trip to Barcelona they may wonder what the best locations are, how to spot the perfect tourist attraction and where to focus their attention; there is so much to do that narrowing down the wonder of Barcelona can be difficult.

Worry not; we have several important must-see events and locations that no tourist is going to want to miss. The most famous of Boulevards in the city of Barcelona houses some of the greatest cultural attractions tourists could ever dream of. La Rambla isn’t necessarily a tourist attraction as one would normally think of it; instead, it is the perfect spot to truly soak in the culture of Barcelona.

The street is a mile-long trek that brings tourists through day-to-day life for a Barcelona resident. Cute cafes, vibrant floral purveyors, street performers and cultural exhibitions are the norm here. Famed markets and boutiques are also a regular part of the scene on La Rambla; the street is a perfect spot to stop, grab atea and watch as the world of Barcelona flutters by.

During the month of September a festival rolls through the city of Barcelona that focuses on the Catalan culture and it can get pretty wild. Street performers, vendors and fireworks displays all become part of the city’s culture during the week and tourists who are lucky enough to get involved go home with a story and a memory for the record books.

The week long party began as a single-day event and has snowballed into a weeklong party for tourists and residents alike to enjoy. If you aren’t making it to Barcelona for September,worry not, the city loves a good festival and block party so you’ll likely find one that fits the bill any month of the year.

Picasso and other famed artists and writers headed to Barcelone vacances to gather their inspiration, and inspiration they did find. The world’s most famous artists, a tone point or another, seemed to have called Barcelona home so it should come as no surprise that the city has a rather fascinating and rich art season.

ThePicasso Museum; a museum that houses the famous painter’s most memorable works,is a must see for a modern art lover. For those who much prefer the written word a walk through Raval is preferable if not mandatory.

The area has long been the inspiration for famous novels and authors. The Raval is also home to famed bookshops and sellers of vintage, hard-to-find books that any author would love. If you are the writing and shopping type this is the location that you need to stop by next time you are in Barcelona.

Heading to Barcelona can be a true trek for some visitors; even if you’ve been before checking out for the latest in deals, news and great events is a good idea.

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